Letters to Molly – Devney Perry

I just want to start off this book review by saying that it’s been so long since I’ve been able to read a book that has fully engrossed me from start to finish – I legit could not put this book down and I have no regrets whatsoever reading this until 3am in the morning. Letters to Molly is a perfectly sized read that’s not too long or too short, has just the right mix of heartbreak and love, and such a great range of characters.

Devney Perry has written a very heartfelt novel about the process of a divorce between the two protagonists, Molly and Finn. The story takes you on an emotional adventure from both characters’ point of view, while they have to manage their relationship in a way to consider their kids’ feelings as well as their own well-being and recovery. Molly is an old school soul, who loves letters, and while the book focuses on the rebuilding of her relationship with her ex-husband, some personal letters written from him to Molly that have been kept hidden until now, are also thrown into the mix just to add an extra spice of complication.

The pace in this book is so nicely set that it creates anticipation of what the outcome will be, but it’s satisfying in a way that I wasn’t too eager to finish the story – I thoroughly enjoyed the characters’ journey the whole way through, and I felt a part of the world that Perry has created. You know it’s a good book when you’re so enveloped by the story and the events taking place that you can’t distinguish between book and reality.

The structure is perfectly set – it compliments the above mentioned pace and anticipation, and entangles themes of love, loss and family in a beautiful manner. These themes are explored in a way that make the book relatable for so many couples who go through excruciatingly painful moments, and whether they recover or not, Molly and Finn’s story can give people hope that things may work out no matter the circumstance. Going through a break up myself, this one was a tearjerker for me.

Besides the main characters, my other favourites from this book are the old guys, Randell and Jimmy. I love how their friendship is portrayed throughout the story. They add a nice element of humour in all of the right places, lighting a spark of happiness in both the protagonists’ and the reader at all of the right times.

I honestly could not rate this book high enough – it’s a definite 5 out of 5 stars from me. I love it so much that I’m going to get a paperback version for my collection of romance and love stories on my bookshelf! I don’t know if Perry has plans to write more about Molly and Finn, and even though the ending to this story is satisfying, I’d love to read a second book!

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